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Used for so many years towels, actually have been using the wrong

Towels, it can be said that every household necessary daily necessities.

But perhaps because it is too common, some habits about the use of towels, it is easy to be ignored.

Today we will have a towel science, see you use the towel for so many years, in the end with the right no?

1, towels should be how to choose?

A variety of towels on the xafs, the normal purchase of cotton towels to pay attention to the following points.

In terms of color, light colors compared to dark dyes residual risk is less, but also help to find out whether there are problems such as mold spots on the towel, especially children are best to use light colors.

In addition, it is recommended to try to large superxafss or stores to buy towels.

Legitimate towel packaging will be marked with trademarks, ingredients, implementation standards, manufacturers, origin, telephone, washing methods and other information.

2, towels should be how to use?

Towels bought back the first thing, it is best to wash a few more times! After all, before you buy back, I do not know how many consumers touched it ~

Many people are used to wet the towel and then use it, in fact, this will make the towel for a long time in a damp state, easy to breed bacteria.

We recommend that towels are best used dry, which is also easier to absorb moisture.

When washing your face or taking a shower, rinse it off with body wash or cleanser + water, then dry it with a dry towel or press it to dry the skin beads.

However, for people with sensitive skin, it is recommended to use a towel to slowly absorb and dry, which is much lighter than wiping dry on the pulling and damage to the skin.

Especially when you have acne on your face, consider using a washcloth instead of a towel to reduce the risk of bacterial infection.

One more important point!

In order to prevent local skin diseases from being transmitted to the whole body, while preventing cross-infection, everyone should have their own special towels, wash their faces, baths and feet with must be separated.

3、Towels should be disinfected regularly

It is recommended that it is best to disinfect the towel every week, you can refer to the steaming disinfection method.

Boil the towel in boiling water for about 10 minutes, then wash it with soap and water, and dry it.

To the infrequently used towels to boil disinfection and dry before placing up to avoid mold.

4、How often to change the towel?

The material of towel is generally pure cotton. Cotton fibers are tubular structure, hollow can store moisture, so that the towel feels comfortable, in addition to moisture absorption performance is good, conducive to cleanliness and hygiene.

However, this characteristic provides a convenient condition for the breeding of bacteria.

In addition, the towel on the human skin oil, dust, impurities in the water, dust in the air, etc., over time, the towel not only can not play a cleaning role, but will affect skin health.

Especially fast metabolism, skin oil more people, towels should be changed more often.


The maximum period of use of towels should not exceed 3 months.

If the towel appears moldy or dry and hard, should be replaced immediately. Do not wait until it is broken to remember to change it Oh ~

5, how to become soft towels?

I believe that many people have such an experience: towels with, suddenly hardened. Then how to make the towel back to soft it? We can refer to the CCTV white vinegar cleaning method, better operation.

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